Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shut Up And Take My Money Bag!

 So Christmas Day just passed~ Hope you guys have received and given some nice presents :)
My gift exchange this year was considered a troll (according to those involved, especially the lucky receiver) haha but I STILL give myself credit for this brilliant and fun idea =p
So here's a simple tutorial for it:

The gifts: 
Toilet roll, tissues, notepad, a chocolate bar.
 Definitely useful/will come in handy and not be wasted. Practical~

For some garnish, print some big notes! 
Remember to add in the word 'Specimen' for those that you are not going to shred.

Put all ingredients into the bag like a steamboat. 

Imagine the glow (from the money) shining on the receiver's face when he/she opens it!

Print out a big dollar sign, paste on it and tie it with a twine~ 
It isn't that bad huh??
Well.. I might have been black listed for the next exchange.. haha. 
But we all had a great laugh xD

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