Sunday, June 29, 2014


We have a saying, "一粒老鼠屎,坏了一锅粥". 

Literally means even one mouse dropping will ruin the whole pot of porridge. 
It could also mean one person/thing can ruin all the effort aka the weakest link.

So.. I had a problem with my computer (system not responding),
and I've tried almost everything but still couldn't find the problem. 

After moments of struggle, I asked my 
IT consultant (sister - we all have such a person in our lives don't we).. 
It was actually my MOUSE (滑鼠 aka 老鼠) that was not working o.o
Therefore, my mouse is the mouse dropping HAHAHA. 

ok.. sometimes I don't even know if it is 
funny anymore after all the explanation HAHAHA XD

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